Coal Ash

Trusted Coal Ash Remediation Partner

Having successfully completed hundreds of coal ash remediation projects, we specialize in designing and deploying trouble-free solutions capable of controlling both cost and risk – providing you with the best possible outcome for coal ash water management.

White Paper: TSS Monitoring

Some plants are using recently advanced sensor technology to measure real-time total suspended solids (TSS) to verify their discharge water is meeting specified requirements.

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Customer Reviews & Testimonials

See what other customers have to say about Xylem Rental Solutions.

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Case Study: Temporary Coal Basin Pre-Treatment Solution

Learn how Xylem helped a major power utility meet their discharge limits while controlling costs.

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Case Study: Fast-Track Fly Ash Pond Seep Control

Read about how Xylem quickly helped control and manage escaping water from two seeps before it caused soil erosion or contaminated the surrounding area.

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Case Study: Custom Bulk Dewatering System for Coal Ash Remediation

Learn how Xylem helped a major North American power utility dewater ash ponds at old sites without permanent power while ensuring compliance with state permits and company ash pond procedures.

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