Three ways Concertor’s intelligent pumping helps wastewater utilities

Three ways Concertor’s intelligent pumping helps wastewater utilities

Since its launch, Xylem’s Flygt Concertor intelligent pumping system – the first of its kind in the world – has helped utilities lower energy use, eliminate pump clogging and optimize pump performance. Learn how it has improved operations for three wastewater utilities in the US.

1. Lowering energy use at a pump station in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Challenge: Rising energy costs and downtime due to pump maintenance.

Xylem solution: The wastewater plant in Fond du Lac installed a Concertor pump system in a duplex pump station. It replaced one of the old pumps, a five-horsepower CP3102 pump rated for 140 gallons per minute. The first Concertor pump is the lead pump, and it is expected to handle all flows in normal operation running 3 horsepower instead of 5.

Result: The city estimates energy savings of 20 percent at the pump station. In addition, after a two-month trial of the Concertor, the station was clog-free, leading to less downtime, increased production and lower pump repair costs.

2. Eliminating pump clogging at a station in Suffolk County, New York

Challenge: The pump station was facing on-going interruptions to pumping operations as a result of “ragging” – a common challenge in wastewater pumping where a build-up of fibrous materials leads to frequent pump blockages.

Xylem solution: Xylem proposed its Flygt Concertor intelligent pumping system as a solution.

Result: With the new wastewater pumping system, pump clogging was completely eliminated. It was no longer necessary to check the rotation of the pump, saving time and money and offering a newfound peace of mind.

3. Automatically adapting to pumping conditions in Perry, Oklahoma

Challenge: The wastewater treatment plant in the city of Perry decided to build a new sludge thickening/conditioning basin. A new pump was needed for pumping returning sludge and another was needed for sending material to the sludge box.

Xylem solution: Two Concertor pumps were selected. The pumps combine a fully integrated control system with IE4 motor efficiency, N-hydraulics, and intelligent functionalities. The control system automatically adapts to the changing pumping environment, delivering the optimal level of performance at the lowest cost of ownership.

Result: The new pumps went into service and the staff is thrilled that they have experienced no clogging. The pumps automatically adapt to plant’s flow rates, between 85 and 370 gallons per minute, which vary based on the head requirements between the clarifiers.