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    Our Code of Conduct

    Our values advance our vision.

At Xylem, our corporate compass is our Code of Conduct. We are committed to conducting business according to the highest ethical standards, treating all constituencies with respect, creating fair workplaces, and ensuring that our co-workers help us strengthen and protect our reputation as a great employer, business partner and community member. 

Our Code of Conduct sets the rules that outline the appropriate business conduct and expected behaviors of all our employees. As such, Xylem will periodically modify and revise the Code of Conduct to Company policy and industry standards. ​​​​​

Anyone wishing to raise a concern may do so by visiting Xylem’s online reporting portal at integrity.xylem.com. If internet access is not available, a report can be made by calling 888-995-9870. Reporters in Europe may review Xylem’s notice outlining the Integrity Line system and how it complies with the EU Whistleblower Directive and the GDPR. Please click here Xylem EU Whistleblower Privacy Notice to view. Also, in addition to reporting concerns through Xylem’s reporting channels, in accordance with EU and local laws, reporters in Europe you can also reach out to external reporting channels in the European region. Please click here External Whistleblowing Channels to view. Xylem makes no representations or warranties related to this document. The list of external reporting channels is based upon Xylem’s best knowledge and belief.

Download Xylem's Code of Conduct in the below languages.