• The Flygt Clog Free Guarantee

    Flygt pumps equipped with N-technology are guaranteed to be clog free.

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  • 3017M Chlorine Analyzer

    Accurate DPD analysis for municipal water.
    EPA approved method.

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  • Leopold Texler Lamella Clarifier

    With its efficient removal of solids, the Texler process attains very low turbidity levels and improves the filterability of the water.

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    Xylem Wastewater Network Optimization

    A smart, end-to-end wastewater solution that helps your utility fully utilize its networks and improve operations at significantly lower cost.

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  • Smith-Blair aging infrastructure solutions

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  • Manage Force Mains to Reduce Failures

    Prevent high-consequence failures and invest capital where it is needed most with actionable data from Xylem’s inline assessment technologies.

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  Introducing Xylem’s Leopold Texler™  Lamella Clarifier     Ralph Franco, Matt Schomaker     Monday:  10/18/2021     10:00 AM  
  Energy and Maintenance Saving Modern Technology Solids-Handling Pumps     Bob Domkowski; Guest Speakers:  Ben Scrace, Kennedy Industries; Nick Heinz, Kennedy Industries     Monday:  10/18/2021     11:00 AM  
New Benchtop BOD meters and Auto-Titrators from YSI

    Ben Barker, Claudia Worley     Monday:  10/18/2021     1:30 PM  
Under Pressure – A Day Onsite for a Metallic Force Main Inspection

    Jeff Zdrojewski, Stacie Sandmann     Monday:  10/18/2021     2:30 PM  
  Adaptive Mixers – More Advantages than You Thought     Jim Fischer, Michele Braas, Chris Stanton
Guest speakers:  Anthony Flemings, City of Chandler, AZ; Vincent Mariscal, City of Globe, AZ
    Monday:  10/18/2021     3:30 PM  
Introducing the Next Generation of Duron Open Channel UV

    Ralph Franco, Kirsten Meyer, Salvador Dominguez     Tuesday:  10/19/2021     9:00 AM  
  Innovative Solutions for CSO/Deep-Tunnel Projects     Asad Choudry, Mir Khan­ Emily C. Kerber – City of Lima, OH; Bob White, Electric Pump​     Tuesday:  10/19/2021     10:00 AM  
  Reducing OPEX and Managing your Assets with Digital Solutions     Fran Pastors, Chris Taylor
Guest Speaker: Jason Ingram, Muncie, IN WPCF
    Tuesday:  10/19/2021     11:00 AM  
Online Process Monitoring for Treatment Optimization

    Ben Barker, Justin King, Laura St. Pierre      Tuesday:  10/19/2021     1:30 PM  
Behind the Scenes of Securing Digital Solutions

    Brian Geegan, Kenneth Crowther, Clay Carter     Tuesday:  10/19/2021     2:30 PM  
Wastewater Network Management: How Utilities have Upended the Status Quo

    Nicole Pasch     Tuesday:  10/19/2021     3:30 PM  
A Glimpse Inside the Smith-Blair Factory:  Dealing with Aging Infrastructure

    Tom Houston, Steve Palmore     Wednesday:  10/20/2021     9:00 AM  
  A Tour Through Xylem's World-Class Service Center in Pewaukee     Brian Geegan, Bill Skovsted     Wednesday:  10/20/2021     10:00 AM  
  Field Smart Technology and Godwin Pumps for Operational Continuity and Efficiency     Mike Ramos, Filmon Ogbaselase     Wednesday:  10/20/2021     11:00 AM  


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