Continuity Through the Coronavirus and Beyond: Managing Water and Wastewater Utility Risks During COVID-19

Continuity Through the Coronavirus and Beyond: Managing Water and Wastewater Utility Risks During COVID-19

Authors: Albert Cho and George Hawkins

As the global coronavirus crisis unfolds, maintaining critical water and wastewater operations has never been more important. And yet COVID-19 has also unleashed a perfect storm for utilities: work orders are mounting to address critical issues like clogged pump stations, even as more utility staff members attempt to work from home or shelter in place, and others have fallen ill. Ensuring continuity of operations has never been more important or more challenging, and it will require using every tool in the utility manager’s toolbox.

In a world where there are fewer utility staff members to deal with a growing workload, decision intelligence solutions are an increasingly important part of the solution. By providing greater visibility, continuity, and resilience to critical water and wastewater utility systems, these solutions can be a force multiplier for talented but stretched teams of operators.

This white paper highlights how Xylem can help you maintain your utility’s critical work with decision intelligence solutions and strategies that can be implemented right now to prepare for what lies ahead, including:


Visibility – how automation and intelligent alerts can help your utility maintain 24/7 control during remote working


Continuity – how reducing demands on workforce time can lower risk to staff and even improve customer service


Resilience – how expanding your network of on-demand expertise can ensure that no utility has to “go it alone”

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About the Authors

Albert H. Cho
Vice President and General Manager, Xylem

Albert Cho is Vice President and General Manager at Xylem, a global water technology company with $5.25 billion in annual revenue. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s newest business, which focuses on intelligent infrastructure diagnostics and decision support services across water, wastewater and energy infrastructure. Previously, Albert led Xylem’s corporate and business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, market intelligence, and business development activities.

George S. Hawkins, Esq.
Founder and CEO, Moonshot LLC and Moonshot Missions

George Hawkins launched Moonshot Missions to help agencies deliver better service at lower cost. Previously, George served as CEO of DC Water, which became known for innovation and customer service. George is an advisor to Xylem and has taught at Princeton since 1999. George has been awarded AWWA’s Fuller Award for Leadership and Governing’s Public Official of the Year. DC Water was awarded the US Water Prize in 2016.