Building Systems

From Schools to Skyscrapers, Xylem is Building a Better Tomorrow

As the world’s population grows and more buildings are constructed, so does the demand for clean water and energy efficient building solutions.

Residential and commercial buildings are responsible for an enormous amount of energy consumption — more than 20% of all energy used. In both water and HVAC systems, Xylem has applied innovative thinking to make these systems more efficient and to make buildings more comfortable, productive and healthy.

We are constantly developing new solutions for schools, offices, hotels, malls, hospitals and other public buildings — ensuring that every day throughout the world, potable water is delivered to your buildings top floors, HVAC systems work efficiently, and wastewater is extracted.

Water Supply/ Pressure Boosting Systems

Water supply systems in modern buildings demands reliable and energy efficient products that adjust to the need and can easily be connected to a building monitoring system. Xylem offer pumps, variable speed pump controllers, packaged pump systems and UV/ ozone treatment equipment to meet those demands.

Heating and Cooling Systems

In modern buildings there’s a focus on high comfort at low energy consumption. Xylem offer pumps, circulators and heat exchangers that exceeds the efficiency requirements and can be incorporated in complex building systems.

Wastewater Systems

It takes an expert to create reliable and efficient sewage and waste water solutions. The Xylem offer of pumps and packaged solutions are based on our long experience and research in this area.

Fire Suppression

In any fire suppression system, wether it's an automatic sprinkler system or a stand pipe system trustworthy products are a must. Xylem offer ready to install fire pump sets according to either UL, FM or EN12845 standards that can be tailor made to any specific need thanks to its modular design.

Domestic Hot Water Circulation

Keeping the hot water warm at all times is a matter of comfort as well as safety. Xylem offer efficient and reliable circulators in bronze and stainless steel for instant access to hot water.


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Building Systems Hot Water Circulation
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