Sensus QR-S Mechanical Damping Device

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Improve pressure control on commercial and industrial operations and enhance the speed of response on pressure regulators with the Sensus QR-S mechanical damping device.

This patent-pending device lowers your energy cost with high-efficiency burners and boilers. By simply removing a regulator’s spring tower cap and installing the QR-S in its place, this device prevents high lock-up or excessive pressure-drop conditions. It can be installed on new products or retrofitted to existing products already installed.


  • HE Boilers Installations
  • HE Generators Installations
Product Features
  • Set pressure adjustable with QR-S installed
  • Rated to 25 psig MAOP
  • Compatible with combustion regulators 121 and 122 and Commercial 243

Benefits to you

  • Enhances response time
  • Eliminates extreme pressure drop at start-up
  • Retrofits easily in the field
  • Provides a cost-effective solution
  • Patent-pending design

For information about this product, download the data sheet.

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Documentation & Tools