Sensus WP-Dynamic BMF Water Meter

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The WP-Dynamic BMF is a Woltman turbine water meter that is copper alloy-free for cold water up to 50 °C and hot water up to 130 °C.

The WP-Dynamic BMF meter measures:

  • Desalinated/demineralized water
  • Caustic soda up to 20%
  • Saline water up to 10%
  • Chlorinated water up to 1%
  • Glycol-water solutions up to 30%
  • Caustic solutions up to ph value 9
  • Other liquids by request

Benefits to you

  • Has maximum corrosion protection by powder coating
  • Equipped with a removable measuring element
  • It has a hermetically sealed register (IP 68)
  • The rotor is hydrodynamically balanced
  • Capable of handling a high overload
Product Features
  • All parts in contact with the liquid are made of plastic or stainless steel
  • Same performance data as standard WP-Dynamic meters
  • May be equipped with several electronic registers (50 °C)
  • Symmetrical calibration adjustment

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.


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