Publiacqua SpA: Integrating the drinking water management system

Publiacqua SpA

Florence, Italy

Publiacqua SpA deploys Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua to standardize and unify data in a single software and analytics platform, eliminating silos across the utility.

Project Objective 

Centralize water cycle management for Publiacqua SpA, the utility in charge of providing the drinking water service in Medio Valdarno, in Tuscany, which has four provinces: Florence, Prato, Pistoia and Arezzo.

Project Details

The Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua platform and the following applications—Unified Network Management, Leak Detection, Meter Data Analytics, Real-Time What-If Scenarios, Pipe Planner—were deployed.


Publiacqua will benefit from streamlined data, unified and standardized in a single software and analytics platform which will help break down existing data silos across the utility.