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Digestions with 2x12 round cells at 2 different programs. With CR 4200 two different digestion programs can be performed for 16 mm vials simultaneously in two seperate heating blocks for 12 vials each.

  • 8 stored programs for quick operation
  • 8 user-defined programs from 25-170°C for high temperature digestion up to 170°C
  • AQA/IQC with external temperature sensor

Standard digestion programs for the standard parameters COD, quick COD (148°C, 20 min.), total nitrogen, total phosphorus, TOC and heavy metals of galvanizing with automatic heating and switch-off. 8 user-defined digestions at temperatures between 25-170°C can be programmed for special digestions allowing also high temperature digestions.

Two different programs for 12 cuvettes each can be run at the same time (CR 3200 offers the smaller solution with 2x12 cuvette at one program at a time). You can use an external temperature sensor instead of a vial with data output to the PC/printer for analytical quality assurance (AQA).

Programs for standard parameters

  • 1: 148 °C for 120 minutes
  • 2: 120 °C for 30 minutes
  • 3: 120 °C for 60 minutes
  • 4: 120 °C for 120 minutes
  • 5: 100 °C for 60 minutes
  • 6: 148 °C for 20 minutes
  • 7: 150 °C for 120 minutes
  • 8: 100 °C for 30 minutes

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Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools



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