Sensus TouchReader®+ 3096 Reading Device

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The TouchReader®+ 3096 reading device is a battery-powered, compact reading device with a visual display. It lets you read meters interfaced to the TouchRead® System and activate/deactivate our radios (Models 510R/520R). The TouchReader+ uses Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) technology to electronically read an individual meter on the TouchRead System. This capability helps greatly reduce errors as compared to manual entry.

It features a slim, easy-to-hold ergonomic shape specially designed for comfortable and convenient one-hand operation. The unit weighs less than seven ounces and can be carried in a pocket or its own belt-mount case. So once you return after a full day of meter reading, data entry is a snap.

Benefits to you

  • Enables meter reading for meters interfaced to the TouchRead System
  • Provides activation/deactivation device for Sensus radios (Models 510R/520R)
  • Features a slim, easy-to-hold shape for efficiency and comfort
  • Delivers a lightweight form-factor – weighing less than 7 ounces
  • Economic alternative to standard reading equipment
Product Features
  • Maintains the most recent sixteen meter readings
  • Sends spe­cific commands to Sensus radios (Models 510R/520R)
  • Reads wall-mounted, meter-mounted and pit-lid mounted TouchRead sensors without the need for adapters
  • Has a large LCD display that shows both the absolute encoder reading and ID number as well as some responses from Sensus radios (Models 510R/520R)



  • Dimensions: 5-+” (136.53 mm) h x 2-+” (60.33 mm) w x 1-+” (44.45 mm) d
  • Weight: 6.72 oz. (188.16 grams)
  • Display: Liquid crystal display (LCD), 2 lines x 8 characters—5/16” (8 mm) high
  • Memory: Non-volatile memory maintains last eight meter readings
  • Power: U9 volt (PP3) Alkaline type (recommended) battery included

For more information about this product, please download the data sheet.

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools