inoLab Series WTW inoLab® pH 7310 Benchtop Meter

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Accurate, Compliant, and Sensitive Measurement of pH, ISE, Conductivity, and Dissolved Oxygen

The inoLab® family: Advanced measuring technology offers new functions including automatic AutoRead or CMC (Continuous Measurement Control) making measurements more convenient and reliable than ever.

The user interface, large display and keypad with tactile feedback provide an exceptional user experience and error-free operation.

Product Features
  • precise pH meter with documentation function to use in quality assurance, pharmaceutical industry and everywhere GLP-supported documentation is required
  • Repeatable measuring results by automatic recognition of stable values 
  • Monitoring of the optimum measuring range via CMC function 
  • Secure and convenient operation via text menus in a bright graphic display

The WTW inoLab® pH 7310 Benchtop Meter with back-lit graphic display is the right meter for precision measurements of pH and ORP potentials, as well as automatic documentation according to GLP/AQA in quality labs in all industries. All measured values are transmitted with the current date, time, ID number and sensor serial number (can be entered manually). The meters are available with a built-in printer upon request.

Multiple versions:

  • WTW inoLab® pH 7310 (SKU: 1AA310)
  • Single meter (DIN) integrated thermal printer with universal power supply, stand and operation manual (SKU: 1AA310P)
  • WTW inoLab® pH 7310 SET 2 (SKU: 1AA312)
  • Meter with universal power supply, stand and operation manual. Combined pH electrode SenTix® 81, buffer 4, 7 and 10.01, 3 mol/l KCl, software and USB cable (SKU: 1AA314)
  • WTW inoLab® pH 7310 BNC (SKU: 1AA320)


Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools