An inside look at solving water through innovation from experts across Xylem

An inside look at solving water through innovation from experts across Xylem

The Solving Water podcast, featuring host Amanda Holloway, Demand Generation Manager at Xylem, wades into the trending topics, technology and behind-the-scenes stories from our work addressing water needs around the world.

Listen to Xylem experts and industry thought leaders discuss water challenges and solutions as they apply to our wide range of applications – spanning water utilities; commercial building systems; residential, rural and agricultural technology; wastewater treatment and more – as Xylem works to make water more efficient, safe and sustainable for all.

Check out the four insightful podcast episodes below.

Democratizing Data in Water Utilities Through Digital Solutions

Chris Thomson, Vertical Marketing Manager for Water Networks at Xylem, joins Solving Water to provide updates and highlight what's new from Sensus technologies and digital solutions for water, gas and electric customers.

Thomson shares application examples from customers on how digital solutions are helping water utilities connect data outside of metering, including stormwater and wastewater information, and the importance of interpreting and communicating data both within utilities and throughout the communities they serve. Listen to the podcast here. Learn more about Sensus here.

Building Better Cities Through Sustainable Commercial Buildings (and Beyond)

Dave Flinton, Xylem Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Technology and Product Management Officer, returns to Solving Water to discuss the latest Xylem initiative in the commercial buildings market, Building Better. Flinton explains the concept of Building Better, led by the Bell & Gossett brand, and how Xylem and Bell & Gossett are advancing hydronic solutions to drive sustainability in cities across North America, through focus areas such as sustainable product development and design, integration of digital technologies and partnerships with our manufacturer’s representatives.

Flinton shares how these sustainability initiatives contribute to reducing carbon footprint and maximizing handprint for commercial buildings and gives a progress update from the Xylem Innovation Labs on their goal of bringing breakthrough technologies to market faster and more. Listen to the podcast here. Learn more about Building Better here.

What Makes the Difference in Building True Customer Partnerships?

Greg Asselta, Global Product Manager for Flygt Dewatering, Infrastructure and Process, discusses his role at Xylem in supporting the industrial and construction industries; highlights what customers should look for in a pump provider; and explains how the enduring value of partnerships is realized by understanding actual customer needs and building customized, outside-the-box solutions to meet them.

Asselta also shares his thoughts on changes in the dewatering industry, how rental solutions have evolved over time, and why no two applications are the same, including recent project examples from the field. Listen to the podcast here. Learn more about Flygt here.

Enabling Customers to Focus on What They Do Best Through Service Solutions

Allison Stroebele, Xylem Director of Sales and Service for Canada, joins host Amanda Holloway to explain her current role in managing Flygt and Godwin brands in the Canadian market, her career journey thus far, and her thoughts on the changing dynamics as a woman in the water industry and why it's a good space for women engineers.

Stroebele shares her experience in helping pipeline owners better manage pipelines through condition assessment and management solutions with Pure Technologies, including Xylem’s innovative SmartBall solution, which uses acoustic technology to help identify leaks. Holloway and Stroebele also discuss tackling customer challenges through a mix of expertise, field support, system design and technology, and how water management partnerships allow customers to keep focus on their areas of expertise. Listen to the podcast here. Learn more about Xylem Service Solutions here.

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