• 5 stories of solving water and accelerating change

    On World Water Day 2023, we celebrate our customers making their communities more sustainable.

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  • 3 steps to using digital twin technology

    How water utilities can benefit from digital twins with a three-step approach.

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  • Sinking or Swimming in Data-Enabled Water Utility

    Q&A with IWA Expert Oliver Grievson

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  • 4 Women Leaders Driving Change in the Water Sector

    Learn how they help Xylem customers around the globe overcome water challenges.

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  • Buffalo saves millions through smart sewers

    The city uses a real-time decision support system to maximize existing infrastructure.

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  • 4 benefits of digital twin technology

    What are the most practical applications and benefits for water utilities?

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  • Exploring the origins of life on Earth

    Researchers use Xylem’s YSI technology to study an isolated Antarctic lake

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