Introducing Your Ultimate Dewatering Solution

Nothing handles dewatering challenges like the Godwin S Series.

This is the Godwin CD 150S Dri-Prime Pump, the new standard in construction, industrial, and utility dewatering. We’ve re-engineered and redesigned every system to deliver a pump that’s tougher, more efficient, and more reliable than other pumps in its class.



It’s reliable. It’s versatile. And it’s ready to tackle all your toughest dewatering jobs.

• 2 Pumps in 1 Versatile application-specific impellers reduce pump investment.
• Streamlined Serviceability Reduces service time by 40% with innovative features
• Field Smart Technology Delivers peace of mind with remote monitoring & control
• Environmentally-Friendly System Meets Final Tier 4 local regulations and reduces emissions by 90%
• Improved Hydraulic Performance Hydraulic efficiency and stability increases pump uptime by more than 20%

Built for the Toughest �

With streamlined serviceability and improved hydraulic efficiency, this pump is ready for anything.

Every system in the Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime Pump is designed with one goal in mind: handle anything a construction, water utility, or industrial dewatering job will throw at it. That includes solids like debris and mud up to 3” in diameter.


Cutting-edge engineering features lower total cost of ownership:

• Optimized pump end design streamlines serviceability
• Improved hydraulic design increases pump efficiency while reducing vibration by up to 50%
• Increased pump shaft diameter doubles shaft strength
• New sight glass allows for easy oil seal inspection

Ingeniously Versatile�

With our interchangeable impellers it is like having 2 pumps in 1.

The Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime Pump might be the toughest industrial and construction dewatering pump ever made. But it’s also one simple impeller switch away from becoming the most reliable municipal wastewater pump ever made.

Clogs don’t stand a chance

With the ability to swap in our exclusive Flygt N-Technology Non-Clog impeller (and vice versa), it’s like having two pumps in one: the CD150S for solids handling applications, and the NC150S for challenging wastewater applications.


Market-leading configuration and component options:

• Diesel, electrical, or natural gas drive
• Sound attenuated enclosure
• Modular design with interchangeable spare parts


Field Smart Technology

Field Smart Technology for Your Peace of Mind

It’s easier to outsmart water when you can do it from anywhere.

You deserve to know how your pump is performing. That’s why we’ve outfitted the Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime Pump with a new generation of Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST), our advanced telemetry and wireless systems that allows you to monitor and control your pump from anywhere in the world.

FST integrates with our Prime Guard pump & engine controller, providing invaluable control and information about your pump

• Locate the pump at any time, and anyplace
• Easy order for service kits to save time and
• User selected subscription plans
• 24/7 customer support line
• Receive alarms via text/interactive phone calls
• Monitor key engine and pump parameters
• Remotely start, stop or change pump speed
• Access sales history and rental equipment
• Service/maintenance advice to ensure proper system operation pump utilization

FT4 Compliance�

Friendlier to the Environment - And Your Budget

Thanks to cutting-edge engineering advancements and improved efficiency, the Godwin CD150S Dri-Prime Pump is Final Tier 4 compliant and delivers a 90% reduction in diesel particulate emissions, which helps keep your worksite safer and healthier.

That commitment to sustainability carries over to fuel consumption, where you can expect a 15% increase in fuel efficiency.

Advanced engineering leads to unmatched efficiency and environmental protection:

• Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) significantly reduces maintenance and does not requires costly regeneration cycles
• Double-walled skid base available to prevent costly hazardous liquid spills


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