Improved pumping efficiency. Better fuel economy. Easier operation. Reduced maintenance.

Introducing the first-in-series Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime® Pump – the smart solution for water.

Working with customer feedback and usage data from hundreds of field tests, we’ve re-imagined, re-designed and re-engineered the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump to make it smarter and deliver exactly what your toughest dewatering jobs require. 


Outsmart Water with Non-Clog Capabilities

Water is sneaky — it shows up when and where it wants. But now you can put it where it belongs with more peace of mind because the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime Pump features our unique, self-cleaning, Flygt N-Technology non-clog impeller:

  • Easy management of stringy, modern waste
  • Sustained hydraulic efficiency from Flygt N-Technology, used for over 20 years in 300,000+ locations
  • Long-term fuel and energy savings
Field Smart Technology

Field Smart Technology

It’s easier to outsmart water when you can do it from anywhere.

In an industry first, the smart Godwin S Series pump, including the NC150S Dri-Prime Pump, can be monitored and controlled from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, anywhere in the world with Godwin Field Smart Technology (FST).

Built with onboard cellular and satellite connectivity, and GPS, you can track,
monitor and communicate with your pump in real-time, no matter if it’s hitched to a truck cruising down the highway, tucked in a municipal lift station, or even standing guard at an out-of-the-way construction site. Keep track of multiple pumps on multiple sites from one screen and always know what’s going on.

FST integrates with our Prime Guard pump & engine controller, and provides invaluable control and information about your pump such as:

  • Start/stop/RPM control
  • Fuel Consumption/Levels
  • Soot accumulation monitoring for models with DPF 
  • Engine load
  • Warning and error codes 
  • Suction pressure/vacuum readings* 
  • Discharge pressure readings* 
  • Flow meter readings*
  • Sump level monitoring*
Efficient Engines

FT4: Go green, and save some too

Reduced emissions, increased savings: Everybody wins

Thanks to smart design based on real-world usage data and advanced engineering, the diesel engines and electric motors available in the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump go far beyond simply being green, they also match your needs in the field.

More efficient, by design:

  • Proven  reliability increased +20%
  • Reduced fuel consumption -10%
  • Reduced service time -40%
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) technology
  • Does not require costly regeneration cycles and reduces maintenance
  • Maximum available hp from diesel engines
  • 5 year/5000 hour warranty (62 hp model)
Streamlined Serviceability

Pump more. Sweat less

Greater uptime means fewer headaches.

We’ve engineered the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime Pump to be smart in the field too.

A no-split belt change takes 30 minutes, using ordinary hand tools. A cartridge-type, mechanical pump seal reduces installation and set-up time. An optimally-placed sight glass makes it easy to tell when the oil needs changing. And a 25% increase in pump shaft diameter means longer pump life.

And since we added FST functionality, real-time monitoring alerts you to required preventative maintenance — which is the best service enhancement feature of all.

Enhancements reduce service time by 40%:

  • Simple 30-minute belt change
  • Easy release driver coupling
  • Redesigned hydraulics and non-return valve
  • New cartridge mechanical seals
  • Greased bearings

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