Meteorology / Weather

Weather monitoring solutions for remote locations and rugged conditions

Xylem designs, manufactures, and engineers precision instrumentation for water and atmospheric measurement.  From environmental monitoring buoys, wireless telemetry, meteorological sensors, water quality, water velocity sensors to web based data visualization and hosting, Xylem can help.  Our integration capabilities can provide full system solutions such as stand-alone weather stations, roadside weather monitoring systems, vessel traffic systems for marine weather, and Met systems for ports and harbors.

Weather data enables proper preparation to help control the effects weather could have on the population and the environment. This data needs to be accurate and the equipment needs to be able to withstand the harshest conditions. We can do both.

What are the most common parameters we measure when it comes to weather?

Barometric pressure
Barometric pressure sensors, measure changes in barometric pressure, which indicates the movement of weather fronts.

Solar Radiation
Solar radiation is radiant energy emitted by the sun. Solar radiation drives atmospheric circulation and accounts for almost all of the energy available to the earth.

Wind Speed/Direction
Wind speed and direction are determined by air pressure gradients, or the regions between weather fronts, as air moves in the direction of a low pressure system. The steeper the gradient, the stronger the wind.

Relative Humidity
Air moisture content is typically described by a relative humidity measurement. Relative humidity is the ratio of the water vapor content in the air to the highest possible concentration of water vapor that the air can hold.

Air temperature is measured for numerous applications. Temperature is affected by solar radiation, latitude, the movement of air masses, and nearby bodies of water or land.


Whether it’s a solution to support a full array of instrumentation for unattended monitoring, or a simple meteorology/weather solution, our expertise ensures reliable long-term monitoring in any type of environment.