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Webinar: Smart Wastewater Infrastructure

July 31, 2020, 11:00 AM–12:00 PM,
Webinar: Smart Wastewater Infrastructure


Twenty-first century waste water system operations are being asked to overcome a myriad of challenges, with minimal resources and fewer people. To help them, solution providers are embedding intelligence into more and more of the traditional hardware, and when necessary, networking these intelligent devices into smart systems. In this webinar, we will go deeper into collection systems and wastewater treatment plant challenges. For collection systems we will look at some reference cases that highlight how to eliminate clogging, reduce station cleaning cost, and save energy with modern technology. For wastewater treatment plants we will see how mixing, powered by smart control logic, could be a low hanging fruit for massive OpEx savings. Intelligent equipment can empower your utility to solve modern problems, creating more attractive returns on their technology investments.

Course Expected Educational Outcomes:

  • What makes a piece of rotating equipment “intelligent” vs simply automated
  • What types of problems can be solved using intelligent equipment
  • When is it valuable to network intelligent devices, and when is it sufficient or even preferable to rely on distributed intelligence.
  • How to quantify the value an investment in intelligent equipment can bring to their operation.