Troubleshooting the Rule LoPro Bilge Pump

Here the team covers how to correct issues if you're having a difficult time priming your Rule LoPro bilge pump as well as how to adjust the motor cartridge.


Troubleshooting The Rule Lopro Bilge Pump 2:09

Mike: Hi, welcome to this episode of jabscotech. I'm Mike Irving.

Paul: I'm Paul Campagna.

Mike: And today we're talking about the LoPro bilge pump. It's the newest bilge pump in the Rule product line. It's got a bunch of great features, but we've had a couple of calls where customers are concerned about the pump and slow priming capability. It's very rare, but we want to talk about maybe some troubleshooting on that one.

Paul: If you are noticing that the pump is having a difficult time priming, it may be because the vent hole that is located in the discharge port may be clogged. If that is clogged, get yourself a paper clip, clean it out, put the fitting back on and try it again. There's also another thing, Mike, we’ll talk about – the motor cartridge.

Mike: Check this out when it comes from the factory, it’s shipped in the low position so the pump turns on when the water is about 1.3 inches. If you want, go ahead and take the motor cartridge out by rotating it, flip it upside down and put it back in. That means that H is in the air. That means the pump turns on at about 2 inches. That gives the pump cavity a little bit more time to fill up before turning on. So, there's a couple safety tips.

Paul: Yes, safety. Make sure you always disconnect the power if working on any system, especially a bilge pump that can have an exposed impeller, when you take the cartridge out. Another point we do offer straight and 90° angle fittings, also with a check valve inline non return valve. So, if you are using the 90° fitting please do not use the check valve as it will create more back pressure.

Mike: Perfect. Well, thank you very much for watching this episode of jabscotech. I'm Mike Irving.

Paul: And I'm Paul Campagna.

Mike: We'll talk to you soon