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Pumping up the fun

Many leisure locations and water parks rely on the efficient flow of water for pools, water rides, fountains and other applications. For water to flow, pumps must pump efficiently. So whether you're planning a new attraction or upgrading an existing one, Flygt provides dependable pumps and accessories to meet your needs. Designed for heavy-duty continuous operation, our pumps bring reliability, high operating efficiency and low maintenance costs to your operations. We also understand that rider and spectator safety is a critical aspect of your operation.

You'll find our pumps used for water rides such as flume rides, lazy rivers and water slides, as well as for kayaking courses (including most Olympic games), artificial river rafting, and surf attractions fun, practice and competitions. Show water is used to beautify public spaces, hotels and parks, pumps help create impressive effects such as fountains, waterfalls and water curtains. Wherever water is part of the main attraction, you'll find Flygt pumps contributing to the beauty, fun and safety of water.

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Commercial Pools & Water Parks Commercial Pools
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Commercial Pools & Water Parks Pumps for Water Rides & Indoor Surfing Machines
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