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Product Features

  • Multi-barrier solution for drinking water treatment, to disinfect and destroy organic “contaminants of emerging concern”, taste and odor precursors, and pathogens
  • Maximizes water production and minimizes backwash production.  Backwash does not require additional treatment.
  • Eliminates disinfection byproducts
  • Produces water with a high biostability, to mitigate regrowth in the distribution system
  • Lower chlorine demand for maintaining residual levels, reducing disinfection byproduct production in the distribution system
  • Lower capital cost than many other advanced treatment systems


The Oxelia system for drinking water uses strong oxidation to break the bonds of recalcitrant organics, destroying their dangerous chemical properties and converting them into biodegradable organics.  Naturally occurring microorganisms in the biologically active carbon filter then consume these partially oxidized organics, totally removing them from the water stream.

The Oxelia system can be configured with the best oxidation process as determined by the contaminants in the source water matrix:  ozone alone; ozone plus peroxide; or, UV plus peroxide.   Xylem treatment experts can evaluate the source water, and determine the best treatment configuration and dosage for the particular contaminants of concerns.   Contaminants in the source water effectively destroyed include:

  • Endocrine disrupting compounds, both in pharmaceutical residuals and in personal care products
  • Other pharmaceuticals and over the counter medications
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Industrial chemicals such as NDMA
  • Taste and odor causing chemicals, geosmin and 2-MIB

Because even the trace organics are removed by the microorganisms in the biologically active filter, the finished water is biologically stable.   The chlorine demand for maintaining the chlorine residual is reduced, reducing the creation of disinfection byproducts, such as trihalomethanes (THM), in the distribution system.


Xylem’s Oxelia system for drinking water uses state of the art online sensors to monitor influent organic concentrations, oxidation dosage, filter function, and finished water quality.  Integrated analytics and feedback control provide real-time adjustment of chemical or UV dosage, responding to fluctuations in water quality or flow rate, for optimal efficiency.  The optimal design customized for your treatment objectives, combined with optimized control ensures the lowest life cycle costs for your operations.

Xylem experts can determine the best fit technology, using bench testing to pilot testing, evaluating your system’s precise needs.  This custom fit approach allows Xylem to offer a process guarantee, that the Oxelia system will achieve water quality requirements and compliance objectives.

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Industries & Applications

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