Pure Technologies SoundPrint® Structural Monitoring

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Product Features
  • Continuously monitor bridges and buildings to pinpoint problem areas
  • Detect failures in high-strength steel wire, strand, or cable with non-intrusive remote monitoring
  • Determine the time, location, and frequency of wire failures
  • Inform infrastructure management and planning decisions 
  • Access data from anywhere and integrate it into your infrastructure management system


Bridges and structures are built to benefit communities and businesses for decades. Proper assessment, rehabilitation, and management of these assets is essential for uninterrupted operations and safety.

SoundPrint® helps bridge and structure owners ensure the long-term integrity of pre-stressed concrete structures and cable-supported bridges.

SoundPrint has been used as a structural monitoring solution since 1994 and has effectively monitored more than 200 bridges and structures around the world. 

Monitoring provides infrastructure owners with peace of mind by identifying and quantifying hidden structural deterioration. With this information, owners can maintain infrastructure reliability and avoid the cost of preemptive repairs and premature decommissioning. 


Corrosive environments can affect the main cables and suspender ropes of suspension bridges and the tendon systems of post-tensioned concrete building structures. The steel materials used as reinforcement in these structures can corrode and fail without any external evidence — leading to potential structural deficiency.

SoundPrint monitors for failure of tensioned steel elements. The platform detects and locates failures in high-strength steel wire, strand, or cable through continuous, non-intrusive remote monitoring. SoundPrint technology can determine if, when, and where deterioration is occurring. With this data, owners can make informed maintenance or repair decisions.

SoundPrint data also helps determine where to concentrate cable inspections. Further investigative techniques are more cost-effectively applied once owners understand the frequency and location of wire failures. 

When wires break, they release acoustic energy that is transmitted through the concrete. This energy is measured by the SoundPrint platform’s distributed sensors. Acoustic events are assigned a time, location, and specific classification through a combination of applied proprietary software and highly trained professional analysis. Clients receive electronic alerts about noteworthy events, and the data is immediately accessible on a secure website.



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