Xylem helps township eliminate pump station vibration and excessive upkeep in Ada, MI


Ada’s main pump station had become unnecessarily complex over the years. For example, the pumps had so many moving parts that they had become increasingly expensive to maintain. The old pumps were constantly under repair. Seals were always failing and vibrations were so bad that the pumps had to be held down with sand bags. When excessive vibration and seal failures became chronic, Ada Township knew it required a new approach to the problem or its budget was going to take a major. After huddling with its consultant, Moore & Bruggink, Ada and their engineering firm contacted Kennedy Industries for assistance. Working off their extensive experience with Xylem’s dry pit submersibles, the professionals at Kennedy immediately recommended the installation of three Flygt model 130-horsepower NT-3315’s to deliver 1,400 gallons per minute at 205 feet of total dynamic head.

The pumps were changed out one unit at a time. First, one of the old pumps was removed along with its shafting, pillow block bearings, guards, seal water pots, seal water piping, air compressor lines, air compressor, and vertical motors. New pump installation was easy because these dry pit submersibles do not require a seal water system, coupling, shafting, guards, or any other auxiliary items.

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