Xylem’s broad range of dewatering pumps enables you to work within the constraints of your mine, maximizing energy efficiency, and system decreasing down-time. Xylem offers a wide range of pump technologies, from submersible to dry mount, ensuring the right pump for every job. Rental options are also available in certain areas.

Flygt 2000 Series

The Flygt 2000 series pumps are robust, mobile and truly versatile.

Flygt 2600 Series

The Flygt 2600 series are popular dewatering pumps, known for job site dependability.

Flygt 2700 Series

Flygt 2700 series handles corrosive and abrasive liquids with wide variances in pH levels.

Flygt BIBO 2800 Series

The Flygt BIBO 2800 series is designed to protect the hydraulic and seal parts

CD Series
CD Series

High Volume, Medium-Head, Large Solids-Handling Capabilities

HL Series
HL Series

High-Head and Jetting Pumps with Solids-Handling Capabilities

Godwin Heidra Series

Godwin Heidra pumps - reliable hydraulic submersible pumps.