SenTix® 60 pH Electrode without Temperature Sensor

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Product Features
  • SenTix 60, 61, 62 electrodes with liquid electrolyte for pH measuerments in lab applications
  • Excellent electrolyte flow without clogging by platinum wire junction
  • Fast response with liquid reference system
  • Optimum results thanks to high-quality membrane glass

SenTix® 60 series electrodes with 3 mol/l KCl electrolye are designed for demanding measurements in the laboratory. With there easy to clean glass shaft and their platinum wire junction they can be used also in difficult samples. The temperature compensation is set manually or with an external temperature sensor. For the SenTix® 6x series exist different connectors.

SenTix® 60: S7 plug head, requires cable AS/DIN or AS/BNC (SKU: 103639)
SenTix® 61: 1 m fixed cable with DIN plug (SKU: 103640)
SenTix® 62: 1 m fixed cable with BNC plug (SKU: 103641)

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools


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