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Product Features
  • Clog detection and pump self-cleaning
  • IE4-equivalent motor efficiency 
  • External process control and communication
  • Change pump performance with the push of a button
  • Local and remote alarms and history
  • Constant power
  • Soft start/soft stop
  • Always correct impeller rotation
  • Built-in motor protection
  • Set-up wizard

Flygt Concertor is the world’s first fully integrated, intelligent wastewater pumping system.

Using advanced software functionality and state-of-the-art hardware, Concertor delivers clog-free pumping, energy efficiency, and adaptive pump performance to meet system demands.

Optimize efficiency for pump station cost savings

Flygt Concertor DP uses gateway connections to leverage your plant’s existing process control algorithms and find the optimal duty points for your Concertor pumps, substantially reducing operating costs and site visits. 

With the control system fully integrated into the pump body, customers benefit from smaller control cabinets as well as easily adjustable pump performance and higher pump system efficiencies. The system is scalable to as many pumps as required by your application, with one gateway per pump.

The gateway also serves as a backup on/off controller.

Reliable, energy-efficient pumping

Adaptive N® hydraulics and an IE4-equivalent permanent magnet motor ensure trouble-free, energy-efficient pumping, even for applications dealing with high volumes of solids and recurring clogging issues.

Functions such as constant power, clog detection, pump cleaning, correct impeller rotation, soft start/stop, and motor/grid protection increase pump system reliability and lower operating costs.

Broad pump performance field

A broad pump performance field eliminates the need for an exact duty point and simplifies both pump selection and pump inventory. 

For even more flexibility, Concertor DP allows you to change the pump performance curve at the push of a button – without having to change impeller diameters or motor sizes. Leveraging existing process control algorithms, Concertor DP continuously responds to the controller signal to meet changing head or flow demands.



Performance Curves

Performance Curves

Concertor N 6020
Flygt Concertor 6020 performance fields for discharge sizes 80, 100 and 150 mm
Flygt Concertor 6020 performance fields for discharge sizes 80, 100 and 150 mm


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