• Xylem Seepex NSM70-12v Pump Station

    Redefining underground water management

103118 (1).jpgXylem has long been at the forefront of evolving water management and our next advancement has us diving deeper into underground mines with a new compact pump station fit for the narrowest spaces.

Through our exclusive partnership with Seepex, we have built a compact unit perfect for fixed and mobile mine dewatering applications underground.

Lightweight and designed to fit narrow spaces, the Seepex NSM70-12v is specifically designed for mine dewatering applications and delivers flow rates up to 100 m3/hour and head pressure up to 240m.

Our value-added pump station is available as a hopper package or pump for retro fitting to existing hoppers on site. Either option provides benefits from the pump's unique features.

Why choose Xylem for underground water management?

  • Adaptable pump stations designed to suit your specific spatial issues
  • Maintain in place pump design provides an easier and safer rebuild of wet end underground situations
  • Unique hopper design eliminates working at heights of 1m and above
  • The NSM70-12V pump can replace the duty of three different sized competitor models (one size pump for all duties onsite versus multiple different sizes)
  • Even wall stator technology with fluid temperature handling of 82° C vs. other alternatives only able to handle 48° C

Redefining underground water management

The Seepex NSM70-12v includes a modular skid design, settling tank, access platform, pipework pump and driver. Optional items such as instrumentation and control panels are also available for a turnkey package.

Standard or custom hopper packages are available to buy or rent with extensive spares and service support.

The Seepex NSM70-12v has applications for industries including:

  • Mining
  • Quarries 
  • Food and beverage 
  • Councils

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The Seepex NSM70-12v is exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand from Xylem.