• Professional Data Loggers

    For Operation and Process Qualification,
    Routine Control/Mapping, Room Monitoring
    and Process Control

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  • EBI 25 Wireless Data Loggers

    Wireless monitoring of temperature,
    humidity and others - assuring perishable
    goods are stored at the right conditions.

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  • TMX Refrigerator Thermometer

    Min/Max temperature monitoring
    for vaccines, chemicals, greenhouses,
    blood banks, food and beverage

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EBI 300 - Cold Chain Monitoring

brochure-ebi-300-cover.jpgThe easy to use data loggers with USB connection monitor temperature and/or humidity during transport and storage of sensitive goods.

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Brochure: Ebro Professional Data Loggers

catalog-professional-data-logger-260x195.jpgFor validation, routine control, and process monitoring. ebro offers data loggers for a wide variety of applications.

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Brochure: Professional Measurement Technology

catalog-professional-measurement-260x195.jpgEbro offers a wide selection of professional measurement instrumentation for Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Laboratory and Industrial applications.

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