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OMNI™ Verification (V²) Portable Test Water Meter

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Improve Your Meter Accuracy and Recover Revenue from Lost Water

The Sensus OMNI™ Verification (V²) portable test meter gives you a fast and efficient solution to test the accuracy and performance of your large meters. The test meter will quickly become an important part of your water system’s maintenance operation. Piping and flow pattern irregularities can influence your meters’ accuracy and testing them in-line provides a truer indication of in-service accuracy. With OMNI V² you no longer have to take your meters out of service to test them.

OMNI V² utilizes the same floating ball technology used for the entire OMNI meter family. Floating ball technology enables V² to verify flows from ½ gallons per minute (GPM) to 500 GPM through a single chamber. Along with the V² hardware, you will also receive the Sensus Flow Verification software. The software lets the operator connect to the V2 test meter electronically and pull the required data for test results from the register. When testing an OMNI meter with the V² you can electronically connect both meters to the software and automate the data side of testing.

The OMNI V² test meter will give you accurate, systematic and timely testing, enabling the optimum performance of your water distribution system.

Product Features
  • Certificate of accuracy provided with each OMNI Vtest meter
  • All meters are traceable to NIST standards
  • Proven floating ball technology
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Single chamber and electronic register
  • Simplified test procedure with Sensus Flow Verification Software
  • 6 Point accuracy curve
  • Rate of flow display

For more information and specifications, download the data sheet.

Benefits to you

  • Identifies lost water revenue from inaccurate meters
  • Simplifies large meter testing
  • Reduces non-revenue water
  • Lowers maintenance cost
  • Provides versatility in test setup
  • Compatible with most commercial and industrial meters

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