The people of Xylem working to create a sustainable future

The people of Xylem working to create a sustainable future

Every day, people at Xylem work to solve the world’s toughest water and smart infrastructure challenges. Solving these challenges is critical to creating a more equitable, sustainable future for everyone. We’d like to introduce you to three of these people, who are part of the more than 17,000 employees who are the backbone of Xylem’s success.
Our goal is to optimize water access and quality, and promote responsible consumption, so that communities across the globe can thrive. To do this, we’re building a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion where all voices are heard, and all talents are harnessed to create a more sustainable world.

Creating high-efficiency motors that decrease energy consumption

Tanja Hedberg is based at Xylem’s cutting-edge research facility in Stockholm, Sweden. As Chief Engineer Electrical Motors – Water Infrastructure, Tanja is part of a team focused on developing high-efficiency motors that help water utilities decrease energy consumption and associated greenhouse gases across water and wastewater activities.
“With R&D, it is never a case of problem-solving on a page – you need to try everything,” she says. “Mistakes happen and that’s how we make progress. Learning by doing, that’s our approach at Xylem. We are an extremely agile team, constantly collaborating across departments to fast-track prototype development.” Read more about Tanja’s work.

Ensuring people have access to clean water in her community

Jo-Ann Grundy, Senior Engineering Technician at Xylem, is an expert in pump technology, which she puts to use every day in the Peterborough area in the UK. On a typical day, Jo-Ann supports the installation, removal and maintenance of pumps in dry and wet wells in homes and businesses – sometimes in up to three different locations a day.

“Each day looks different, and I thrive in that environment,” she beams. But there’s a common thread throughout Jo-Ann’s work: with every challenge she solves, she’s helping ensure the people in her community have the clean water access they need. Read more about Jo-Ann’s work.

Helping water utilities simplify the way they collect data

Three years ago, when Seema Nagraj discovered an opportunity with Xylem’s Bangalore, India, office, she chose to pivot from her long-time career in telecommunications to the water sector. Inspired by the chance to develop new technologies that help solve water and other sustainability challenges, Seema says, “I took a leap of faith – and haven’t looked back.”
In her role as Lead Engineer within Xylem’s India Tech Center, Seema Nagraj works with industry-leading technology to develop more efficient ways to gather critical data on water, gas and electric systems. Read more about Seema’s work.
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