Pump station with cleaning function


Eighteen Flygt pump stations transport wastewater at a popular recreational and amusement area in central Stockholm. One of the pump stations handles restaurant wastewater containing fats, oils and grease. The liquefied oil and grease in high-temperature dishwashing water solidifies after transportation to the pump station. This caused severe odor problems and grease build-up on the pump station walls, sump water surface, Flygt CP3102 pumps, guide bars, level sensor and other pump station equipment, increasing the risk of failure in the station. Expensive maintenance procedures had to be carried out every two to three months in order to remove accumulated sludge and clear the station of greasy buildup.

Our engineers recommended the installation of a Flygt APF cleaning function through an electronic device for automatic pump sump cleaning. The controller automatically initiates pump operation in order to drain sump water to the lowest possible level, thereby removing grease and dirt laying on the surface of the water. This enables the pump station to operate for a significantly longer time without requiring any sludge removal