Large capacity circular wet well


Very deep, large capacity and limited footprint: these are common demands by customers for their pump stations designs. Recently, two such pump stations were needed in the US.

The best solution from an investment and operational perspective in cases such as these is often to install submersible pumps in a circular wet well design. Flygt pioneered the installation of submersible pumps in large capacity circular wet wells and has gained a lot of experience in this area from model testing and proven installations. For these two stations, a similar design was used in both applications. One was more than 50 m (160 ft) deep and 20 m (64 ft) in diameter. It had 12 pumps with a capacity of 4.4 m³/s (70,000 US gpm) each. We applied previous experience together with a CFD model to achieve safe and reliable inflow conditions for the pumps.