Circular stormwater pump station



One of the largest airports serving France required a stormwater treatment plant to handle the inflow from a large gravity sewer collecting water from the runways.

The pump station is set in a circular deep caisson and includes both the dry weather inflow and stormwater sumps. The storm sump includes a circular inlet baffle chamber for the stabilization and de-aeration of incoming storm flows and is equipped with 12 large Flygt CP 3602-935 submersible pumps that are capable of discharging a total of 16 m³/s (254,000 US gpm). The pumped effluent is discharged to a grit chamber and then to a dual lagoon collecting system before it is treated through large sand filters, and cleaned water is then transferred to the nearby river. Flygt has designed pump stations for thousands of installations around the world. Engineering expertise and years of experience have resulted in the success of these installations.