Sensus Acoustic Monitoring Application

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Leak found! Regain lost revenue, improve customer service and conserve water with acoustic monitoring.

The Sensus Analytics Acoustic Monitoring application combines the proven Permalog® technology with the Sensus FlexNet® communication network and Sensus SmartPoints® to deliver a powerful, remote leak detection solution. Using sound waves to detect flow, Permalog+ modules activate overnight, listening to the distribution system when ambient noise is at its lowest. Sensus SmartPoint modules carry real-time data via FlexNet to Sensus Analytics where flow conditions are reported.

The Acoustic Monitoring application automatically analyzes the data and sends an alert if a leak condition exists. Service crews can quickly investigate and make repairs before they become costly problems or prominent stories in the news.

Benefits to you

  • Focus your efforts to better identify the location of leaks
  • Receive more accurate information to make data driven decisions
  • Proactively detect leaks and other flow problems for preventative maintenance
  • Discover and regain non-revenue water
  • Reduce risk and liability
  • Improve customer service
  • Conserve water
Product Features
  • GIS driven dashboard for visualization of device location and distribution
  • Sortable and filterable table, graph and map views
  • Ability to set custom threshold alarms
  • Custom color coding pinpoints by threshold numbers
  • Historical logger data plotted over time
  • Custom reporting
  • Download to Excel, PDF, csv for reporting, sharing and further analysis


Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

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