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Research & Development


How do you prepare for the future demands to solve water challenges?

At Xylem, this is something we think about every day. What are the emerging needs, and the new contaminants of concern? What is the next level needed to ensure that communities have clean, abundant water? How can wastewater management be improved to protect the environment and downstream users? How can these same processes be used in other industrial applications? How can we make our products and solutions more sustainable, energy efficient, safer, and easier to operate?

Xylem’s global product development centers are studying the answers to these questions. Our interdisciplinary teams of experts combine their in-depth knowledge of treating and transporting water and wastewater with an understanding of the demands of the industries we serve. Xylem’s commitment to research drives innovative solutions that produce measurable benefits.


Xylem engineers and scientists are finding ways to treat the latest contaminants of concern through advanced oxidation and UV processes at the Wedeco development center in Herford, Germany. In addition to disinfection, advanced oxidation and UV have a number of applications including bleaching, treatment of pharmaceutical wastewaters, product finishing and enhanced bonding in coating processes, to mention just a few. Xylem engineers are developing processes to meet the most demanding applications in a broad range of industries, from mining, to pulp and paper, to food processing and of course, water and wastewater treatment. For wastewater disinfection, Wedeco has the first full scale European UV validation center, ensuring that Wedeco UV systems are validated in accordance with all the latest protocols.

At the Leopold facility in Zelienople, PA, USA, Xylem engineers are continuing to refine granular media filtration. The innovations are improving energy efficiency and minimizing backwash water. They have also expanded the applications for this process by developing biofiltration systems that combine biological treatment with filtration. With the Clari-DAF technology, advancing dissolved air floatation is being advanced to assist with lighter weight contaminants for both potable water treatment and pretreatment for membrane filtration systems, providing a solution to toxic algal blooms.

Sanitaire is advancing the energy efficiency of oxygen transfer for wastewater treatment at their facilities in Brown Deer, WI. At the state of the art aeration test facility, Xylem R&D scientists and engineers are designing and evaluating advancements in aeration equipment to improve standard oxygen transfer efficiency (SOTE) and energy efficiency. The efforts are developing the next generation of highly energy efficient, durable, and effective diffusers for more sustainable treatment.

Xylem continues to explore, develop, test and prove the technologies that industries and communities will rely on tomorrow. Our R&D teams are working hard to ensure that customers will be ready for what comes next. Developing tomorrow’s solutions today, that’s our commitment.

Together we can do it. Let's prepare for tomorrow. Let's solve water.