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Flygt Discharge Connection and Guide System

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Product Features
  • Twin guide bars ensure correct pump position
  • Automatic pump hook-up to the discharge pipe
  • Robust metal-to-metal flange contact
  • Choice of guide bar materials and extension brackets
  • Tuned for low noise level


The Flygt submersible pump is easy to install and remove for service. Just lower it onto the discharge connection, and it hooks up automatically. When you need to lift it, it disengages automatically.

Twin guide bars make sure that the pump is in correct position for hooking onto the submerged discharge connection. The integrated lower guide bar support, together with the sliding bracket of the pump, ensures a perfect fit when the pump is lowered into position.

The robust metal-to-metal contact between the pump flange and the discharge connection flange allows the pump to clear away any debris that might get caught between the flanges and cause leakages.


Discharge connection

  • Flanged outlet to the discharge pipe
  • Integrated lower guide bar support
  • Optional kit of chemical anchor bolts

Guide system

  • Twin guide bars
  • Upper guide holder bracket
  • Optional extension brackets for deep stations

Wet Pit (P)

Wet Pit (P)

​Semi permanent, submersible pump installation. Wet pit arrangement with the pump installed on twin guide bars with automatic connection to the discharge pipe.​

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools

Interactive Tools

Technical Product Information
Technical Product Information

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