Xylem wins water reuse equipment manufacturer of the year

Xylem wins water reuse equipment manufacturer of the year

Xylem was recently awarded the 2014 WateReuse Equipment Manufacturer of the Year by the WateReuse Association. The award was presented at the WateReuse Association Annual Symposium in Dallas, Texas, the industry’s largest venue to present and discuss emerging technologies, policies, and opportunities in the fast-growing water reuse sector.

Xylem was awarded for its leading-edge work to optimize advanced water treatment processes for potable reuse, including projects in Florida and California. The company’s advanced treatment technologies are proving that wastewater can be efficiently purified to beyond bottled-water quality to provide a new source of safe water.

Xylem’s growing water reuse business is dedicated to help make water-scarce communities around the world more resilient to climate change, urbanization, and emerging water quality issues. The company partners with utilities, engineers, and leading organizations like the WateReuse Research Foundation to implement the safest solutions for reuse.

A few of Xylem’s advanced reuse technologies include Leopold’s Oxelia ozone-enhanced biologically-active filtration process (O3-BAF), WEDECO’s MiPRO advanced oxidation processes (AOP), and WEDECO’s Ultraviolet (UV) and Ozone disinfection solutions. These technologies are designed to provide the highest level of treatment to ensure protection of human health and the environment by meeting the most stringent regulations.

Xylem’s pilot equipment and treatability testing services are essential tools for the design and development of the full-scale projects that communities around the world need to become more resilient to water scarcity.

Water reuse project of the year in Silicon Valley

Xylem is also an equipment provider for the Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center, Northern California’s largest water recycling facility, which won the 2014 WateReuse Project of the Year. Xylem’s WEDECO UV reactors provide the final disinfection step before highly purified water is sent throughout Silicon Valley to support some of the world’s most innovative companies.

In addition to WEDECO UV, ozone, and AOP products and Leopold media filtration, Xylem’s other core technologies include Sanitaire aeration and biological treatment, Flygt pumps and mixers, and YSI analytics. Xylem has the most extensive product portfolio to solve the world’s most challenging water issues.

by Simon