• Ultrapure water for semiconductor facility

    Silanna Semiconductor produces Type E-1 ultrapure water with Xylem solution.

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  • Tackling water challenges in Southeast Asia

    How digital solutions can help solve the region’s water challenges.

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  • Transitioning to a water-secure world

    Xylem CEO Matthew Pine on empowering communities to build a more water-secure world.

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  • Water, hydrogen and the energy revolution

    Xylem experts explore the role of water in hydrogen production and sustainable strategies.

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  • Harnessing the power of allyship

    How Xylem is promoting an inclusive workplace through allyship and skills building.

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  • Podcast on emerging PFAS trends

    Expert insights on the EPA’s new PFAS regulation and proven mitigation systems.

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  • 3 ways Xylem technology helps India solve water

    Enabling industry and municipalities to address growing water challenges.

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