Welding- 3rd Shift

Operations | Cheektowaga, NY, United States
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Job Details

Essential Duties/Principal Responsibilities:

  • Receives instructions, interprets requirements and performs operations required to build quality product.  Instructions may be provided verbally or through checklists, drawings, routings, procedures, etc.
  • Perform work requiring a thorough knowledge of practices and techniques, principle of application and operation of various types of equipment, machines, tools, fixtures and instruments.
  • Efficiently operate robotic weld machine, maintaining schedule adherence and required level of quality.  Capable of determining operational problems affecting robot performance.  Informs supervisor of any problems affecting machine performance.
  • Perform minor robot program adjustments as required to assure equipment performs at optimum level.
  • Plans and carries out all the tasks related to assembling, welding, testing, and prepping for paint and shipment any assigned product.
  • Interprets and utilizes the required procedure employing the correct filler material, gas (type and volume), amperage, voltage, interpass temperature and all other parameters as designated within that procedure. Maintains required set up joint tolerances and final unit dimensional and orientation tolerances.
  • Identifies parts with contract, model number, heat number, part number or other markings as directed.   Verifies all material used is correct (quality, type, etc.) prior to the start of work.
  • Obtains material, fixtures and tools necessary to perform assigned duties.  Rig and operate crane, forklift truck, handcart, etc. to move position parts and/or units within or between departments.
  • Pre cleans and post cleans work by grinding, sanding, chipping or other suitable means to ensure final product meets all code, procedure and/or drawing requirements.
  • Ensures tank cleanliness per specification, customer requirement and/or procedure prior to releasing to paint/packaging.  Prepares and mounts nameplates to units.  Preps tank as required prior to painting.
  • Enter clock number, heat numbers or other required data on paperwork (router, checklist, activity log, etc.) or electronic data system collection device per procedure or as directed to indicate operator has inspected his/her work and it conforms to the applicable fabrication and test requirements (drawings, specs, etc.) and to maintain record of fabrication/work center output and issues.
  • Responsible for maintaining qualifications by utilizing the weld/braze processes at the appropriate time intervals.
  • Verify all gauges and measuring tools are within proper calibration dates.
  • Lubricate and clean tools/equipment daily.
  • Perform daily safety checks on power vehicles, cranes, etc and record findings on checkoff sheets.
  • Observe all safety and shop rules.  Immediately notify supervisor of any unsafe conditions.  Wears, cleans and properly maintains all required personal protective equipment (PPE).  Participates in personal air and noise sampling when directed.
  • Place inventory in its proper location, reporting any shortages or other inventory issues to the department supervisor.
  • Each person is responsible for the quality of work and inspection, checking to ensure that all product or pieces meet specifications and quantities without deviation and report any such deviations.
  • Assists and/or trains new employees in job classification.
  • Maintain required level of housekeeping and safe environment throughout work area(s), sweeps area(s), clears debris, arranges product, etc. on a daily basis to assure this.  Immediately notifies supervisor of any unsafe conditions or work-related injury.  Perform 5s activities.
  • Pay $23.24



  • High  School diploma or equivalency


  • Documented successful completion of formal weld training involving the required weld process.

  • The following qualification test is required to be passed to enter the classification:
    • Process: GMAW    Material:  Steel
  • Competent in reading, interpreting drawings and capable of performing simple math calculations (addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication).


Physical Demands:

  • Lifting (30-35 lbs.), manufacturing floor environment
  • Regularly required to sit or stand, reach, bend and move about the facility
  • Regularly required to listen, talk to, and see employees on a daily basis.


Work Environment:

  • Manufacturing environment
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