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City of South Bend saves $400 million in CapEx spending by reducing combined sewer overflow by 80%

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Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua: Optimizing decision making. Streamlining management of operations. Simplifying digital transformation. ​

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3 simple steps to supercharge your digital twin for next-level performance and cost-savings

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Integrate and manage data from any source in a single platform for a complete view of your water and wastewater network

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua is a single, integrated software and analytics platform – built by utilities, for utilities – that enables utilities to take digital transformation to the next level, maximize investments, identify and solve problems more quickly, operate more efficiently and deliver water more effectively and affordably to their communities.

Eliminate data silos to improve operational visibility and control

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua integrates and standardizes data from across the utility, regardless of its origin (sensors, SCADA, assets, business systems, etc.), into a single, unified source of information which powers modular water and wastewater applications and in-depth analytics. This provides utilities with 360-degree operational intelligence to ensure optimal system-wide efficiency.

How it works – it starts with the Smart Water Engine

At the heart of the platform is the Smart Water Engine, which integrates utility data — such as sensors, SCADA, assets, business systems, etc. — regardless of its origin. That data is then standardized to create a single, holistic model which, when coupled with proprietary advanced algorithms, allows the Smart Water Engine to look out across the entirety of a utility’s network. 

This result is a unique source of information which can be accessed through modular water and wastewater applications, that provide operational intelligence in the form of real-time monitoring, alerts, and suggested actions to ensure optimal system-wide efficiency.

  • Access critical operational decision intelligence
  • Eliminate data silos
  • Integrate and standardize all utility data
  • Evaluate performance and impact of actions taken at a network-wide level

Specific solutions for each area of the water cycle

Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua supports both utility operators and enterprise managers in addressing the system-wide challenges, from non-revenue water to flooding to treatment, that they face on a daily basis at the network, plant and asset level. Being able to deploy modular applications, helps you focus on challenges specific to your utility. 

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A system-wide view of performance and actionable key indicators to more effectively manage your utility

The Operational Intelligence dashboard provides utilities with a centralized location from which they can monitor smart analytics, integrate KPIs, and provide real-time support for optimized operational decision making across all monitored assets and processes.

  • Visualize and maintain your network
  • Manage all assets from one centralized platform
  • Improve risk diagnosis
  • Visualize asset performance
  • Analyze criticality of asset alarms

The transformative benefits of a single water network management platform

From non-revenue water to flooding to treatment, Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua helps utilities address challenges throughout the system. The platform supports the needs of both utility operators and enterprise managers, providing intelligence and smart analytics at the network, plant and asset level or any customized view the utility requires.  

Single data source

Break down data silos across your utility and centralize system knowledge, enabling all teams to easily access the critical information they need

Extend Asset Life

Identify, inspect and correct asset issues from across your entire network faster and more efficiently in order to prolong asset life

Increase cost savings

Lower costs needed to achieve utility objectives by applying real-time data and controls to more efficiently utilize existing assets

Improve operations and planning

Ensure a holistic approach to network management by breaking down data silos and increasing visibility to asset performance across the water cycle

Ensure resilience during extreme events

Minimize service interruptions and community impact, especially during extreme events, with increased predictive capabilities and real-time awareness

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