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Automated Chemistry Analyzers Flow Solution FS 3700 Automated Chemistry Analyzer

SKU: 330000
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As an industry leader in cyanide analysis, the OI Analytical FS3700 combines the advantages of Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA) and Flow Injection Analysis (FIA) technologies in one complete auto analyzer. While defeating the hassle of individual technologies, the FS3700 simultaneously reduces wasted resources and improves laboratory safety. The OI Analytical FS3700 pairs with FlowView, which is an extremely intuitive software interface with 64-bit compatibility. 

Product Features
  • Intuitive software - FlowView™ Software streamlines operation
  • Fast results - Performs 30-90 analyses per hour, per channel
  • Versatile – Uses interchangeable, pre-assembled chemistry cartridges
  • Flexible – Tailors methodology with two plug-in detector modules
  • Accurate – Expanded Range™ photometric detector and autoscaling software eliminate off-scale samples

Improve laboratory workflow with the FS3700 by running multiple flow methods (including SFA, FIA, iSFA, and SFIA) on different channels simultaneously. Ideal for the analysis of ammonia, chloride, cyanide, fluoride, nitrate, phenol, phosphorous, silica, TKN, and more!

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

Flexible and Modular Design:

The unique, modular design of the FS3700 gives the system superior flexibility. Different flow methods, including Segmented Flow Analysis (SFA), Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), iSFA, and SFIA can be run on different channels on the system simultaneously. A variety of pre-configured chemistry cartridges and industry-leading detectors can be utilized with plug-and-play technology. Multiple systems can be linked to provide additional channels of concurrent analysis. 

Validated Methods:

OI Analytical validates that hardware configuration and performance of every method supplied with the FS3700 analyzer, which provides users with total solutions. Methods for aqueous samples, soil, or plant extracts are available to support environmental compliance monitoring, process optimization, and research applications. 

Powerful Software Capabilities


The intuitive FlowView Software is unparalleled in competitive systems. Designed for 32- or 64- bit Windows operating systems, FlowView's improved user interface streamlines scheduling, operation, and report generation from the FS3700. The icon-driven user-interface simplifies the navigation of the instrument and requires little training. 

FlowView™ offers:

  • On-the-fly sequence editing, and calibration monitoring
  • LIMS-compatible import + export with customizable report generation
  • Refined algorithms for peak detection, baseline handling, and carry-over correction
  • System configuration and method parameters are archived with data in an individual result file
  • Unparalleled access to instrument component diagnostics in real-time, even during data collection

Versatility with Plug-and-Play Ease

Interchangeable Chemistry Cartridges

The FS3700 runs up to two channels simultaneously, each with its own cartridge, and additional channel configurations available. Modular, flexible hardware provides a great platform for research, in-house, or proprietary methods. 

Plug-in Detector Modules: 

The FS3700 comes standard with two detector boards, each capable of supporting photometric, amperometric, ion-selective electrodes, and third-party detectors out of the box. This provides flexibility to tailor methodology for research or quality control processes. Read more in our FS3700 Brochure!



FS 3700 Specifications
Flow Solution FS3700
Analysis Module
1 or 2 chemical analysis channels per chassis
Analysis Module Dimensions
31 in. W x 17.5 in. D x 10.5 in. H; 78.74 cm W x 44.45 cm D x 26.67 cm H
FS 3700 Dimensions with 90-position Autosampler
Approximately 44 in. (112 cm) W
FS 3700 Dimensions with 360-position Autosampler
Approximately 51.5 in. (131 cm) W
Injection Valve
8 or 10-port switching valve with chemically-inert wetted surfaces
Photometric Detector
420-880 nm, with PEEK path lengths of 5-, 10- or 20-mm
Amperometric Detector
Silver working electrode; silver/silver chloride reference; stainless steel counter electrode
In-line Heater
Included as needed, mounted underneath chemistry cartridge user programmable in 1 ̊C increments
UV-digestion Module
Included as needed, mounted underneath chemistry cartridge
Peristaltic Pump
24-channel, fits on top of analysis module
90-position, X-Y-Z (90 samples + 9 standards); 360-position, X-Y-Z (360 samples + 10 standards)
FEP Teflon® and EVA ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer
Manifolds / Fittings
Analysis Methods / Documentation
Validated chemistries for specific analytes / sample matrices with performance data
Operating Software
Operating System
Windows® 7, Windows® 8, 8.1 and 10
Data Collection
6 channels per instance of software; Multiple instances of software can be run on a single computer
PC to FS 3700 Communications
Power Supply
24VDC universal switching power supply for operation with 90-250VAC 50/60Hz source
Power Requirements
110VAC/60 Hz or 230VAC/50 Hz
Weight (Analysis Module)
19.5 kg (43 lbs.), typical for analysis module and pump, two injection valves, chemistry cartridges, detector modules
CE Safety EN 61010-1; EMC Immunity & Emissions EN 61326-1:2006
Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools