Research & Development


While the name Xylem may be new, our products and technology have a rich heritage dating back to 1901 when Flygt invented the first submersible pump. The company continues to invest in research and development in building the next generation of pump technology to solve the biggest dewatering challenges facing our communities and industries.

With a presence in over 150 countries around the world, Xylem is the only rental and service company that also manufacturers its own products. From cable entry, to shafts, to volutes and motors, Xylem ensures that we build high-quality Flygt and Godwin products.

Patented technologies:

  • Dri-Prime® - Compressed air travels through the Godwin Venturi creating a vacuum by evacuating air from the pump body and suction hose, while the non-return valve ball seals out air from the discharge, allowing fluid to enter the pump body and begin pumping.
  • Dura-Spin™ - Flygt closed B-impeller with Dura Spin™. This hydraulic system minimizes impeller wear, thus increasing durability. Spiral grooves on the suction cover and back vanes on the impeller prevent abrasive particles from reaching the impeller neck.
  • K-Impeller - Specially designed for high efficiency and wear resistance, this hard iron Flygt impeller minimizes clogging when pumping water containing larger particles.
  • Plug-In™ seal - This unique easy-to-service seal incorporates two mechanical seals for double protection against liquid penetration and protects seal surfaces during mounting and disassembly of Flygt pumps.
  • Spin-Out™ - Unique to Flygt pumps, this patented design minimizes clogging, protects the outer seal and extends service life by expelling abrasive particles from the seal.