Change a Jabsco Manual Toilet From Right Handed to Left Handed

Here we'll show you how to take apart the Jabsco Twist 'n' Lock manual toilet and move the pump assembly from the right side to the left side of the bowl.

Change a Jabsco Manual Toilet From Right Handed to Left Handed 6:44

Jeff: Thanks for watching I'm Jeff Lander.

Mike: And I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: And today, we're going to be instructing you how to reorient a right-handed manual toilet to a left-handed.

Mike: The tools you're going to need are going to be a 10mm wrench, 10mm socket and a Phillips head screwdriver.

Jeff: Okay, so before I start I just want to make a quick note that you know we're dealing with a new installation here, so it is okay to be able to not use gloves, but when you go in and put it into your existing system with your existing hose lines, it's important to make sure you wear gloves because you will be coming in contact with human waste. Now the first step to this procedure is removing this hose that runs from the top of the pump assembly to the back of the ceramic bowl. Now you know, holding the pump assembly down, it may be a little snug on there, but this way it gives you a little bit of room to, you know, work in the pump assembly. After that, you're going to want to take off the pump assembly by removing the four screws, four Phillips head screws at the base of the toilet.

Now that the pump assembly is off and exposed, we can work on rotating this base to the left side. Now that the pump assembly is off, the next step is going to be taking off these white caps here at the ceramic bowl. Once all four are taken off, what we're going to do is flip the ceramic bowl and toilet upside down.

Now with your 10mm socket wrench, we're going to loosen all four of these bolts. Now I've already loosened two of them, so we're just going to take off the remaining two.

So once the bolts are loosened and the nuts on the backside are removed, the base will become very loose and easy to rotate. So what you do is simply lift it up, rotate it 180°, and drop it back down on the corresponding holes. Once this is done it's time for reassembly to make it a permanent fixture.

When reinstalling, the first thing that goes on the backside is the plastic washer. Then the metal washer. And then the nut. Now a good little note here is you may need a clamp to hold down the base assembly while you're doing this. So again, plastic washer, metal washer, nut and it's recommended, because this can be a little tricky to do on your own, hold a clamp to hold the base assembly down while you're doing that. And just repeat this for the rest of the four bolt holes.

So after tightening down the bolts we're going to flip the toilet and the ceramic right up. So after doing that, we're going to reinstall the base valve gasket, which can only be installed one way with the bump facing up and these three pillars here matching up with the three pillars on the base. So again, base valve gasket is up and like I said it can only go on one way so if I were to try to mate it backwards it wouldn't seat flatly. So again, bump is up. These three pillars here match the three cutouts on the base valve gasket.

So now with the base valve gasket on, it's time to attach the pump assembly. Now make sure the discharge is facing the rear. And make sure it's also in the unlocked position, because if this is locked when you go to install it that piston rod extension will come in contact with the base valve gasket, so again, make sure this is in the unlocked position, seated flatly, and reinstall the screws. Now one little tip I want to make aware of is when you go to screw these down you know screw it down with nominal pressure. You don't need to crank super hard because it will seal with nominal pressure into the base. Now if you do crank it down super hard you risk cracking the plastic right around here which will cause leaks.

Now that the pump assembly is tightened down, it's time to rotate this seal elbow so that way you can connect the inlet hose to the top of the pump assembly. Now the easiest thing to do here is to first remove this hose. Take the back end of your socket wrench, put it in there, and simply turn it and rotate it. Now that that's done, it’s time to reinstall the hose, so slide them over the seal elbow and to the top of the pump assembly.

Okay, so the last step is simple. We're going to reinstall the four white caps that we took off in the beginning on the nuts on the ceramic bowl.

Mike: Well, once that's complete, you've successfully made a right-hand toilet over to a left-hand toilet. Make sure when you take out the old toilet that you're wearing gloves, you’re going to come in contact with human effluent and you just want to be safe. Make sure you decontaminate all your tools once the job is complete. I'm Mike Irving.

Jeff: I'm Jeff Lander. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more jabsco tech videos. Be safe and happy boating.