Yorkshire Water eradicates wastewater pump blockages with intelligent pumping system

Yorkshire Water eradicates wastewater pump blockages with intelligent pumping system

Yorkshire Water, which provides water services to 5 million people in England, was spending too much time managing pump blockages at hundreds of pumping stations. To solve the problem, the utility tested Xylem’s intelligent Flygt Concertor N pump at a problematic site. After the pump eliminated all blockages, Yorkshire Water has now deployed the pump at over 150 pump stations, decreasing reactive callouts by 51% and contributing to a 29% reduction in energy use.

Yorkshire Water covers one of the largest areas in England, collecting, treating and distributing approximately 1.26 billion liters of water every day, as well as recycling and safely disposing of 1 billion liters of wastewater.

If a pump clogs at a pumping station, this can require reactive, time-consuming visits from the utility’s operations and maintenance team. This leads to significant costs in fuel, time and resources, and disruptions to local residents.

Yorkshire Water’s Dynamic Maintenance team decided they needed a more efficient solution to pump blockages and worked with Xylem to set up an initial trial. The team selected a pump station at a particularly problematic site for the trial, the Burnsall Car Park, which was clogging two to three times a week and requiring reactive visits.

Selecting an intelligent wastewater pumping system

After reviewing the Burnsall Car Park site and Yorkshire Water’s specific requirements, Xylem selected the Flygt Concertor N pump for the trial, due to its excellent clog resilience and self-cleaning features. The pump’s Adaptive N® technology allows large solids to pass through, while specialized software detects clogs and adjusts pump speed or direction to dislodge them.

Two Concertor 6020 N pumps (2.4kW, 80mm) were installed at the Burnsall Car Park and quickly connected to Yorkshire Water’s existing wastewater network control system using the pump’s built-in connectivity. The site soon started showing impressive results.

“The Burnsall site had long been problematic for us, and as a public utilities company, these issues directly affect the residents in the local area,” says Nev Barugh, Asset Technical Support Engineer, Yorkshire Water. “Working with Xylem has enabled us to eradicate those problems and make our network much more efficient.”

Zero pump blockages recorded

Since the installation of the Flygt Concertor N in January 2019, there have been zero blockages recorded, meaning that reactive visits to the site for this issue were completely avoided.

“We were very impressed with the standard of the installation, while the team at Xylem were on hand to respond to any issues extremely quickly,” says Barugh. “We’re now looking forward to exploring more projects with Xylem, taking advantage of their extensive product range.”

Having proven the pump’s clog-resistant credentials, the Yorkshire Water Dynamic Maintenance team decided to roll out the Flygt Concertor pump across its most challenging pumping stations.

Reductions in costs, emissions and energy use

Since Flygt Concertor can be easily connected with existing networks, in less than a year Yorkshire Water has improved clog resistance with the pump at over 150 dual and triple pumping stations, with hundreds more stations planned.

As a result of the widespread installations, Yorkshire Water has reduced reactive callouts by 51% and avoided over 800 site visits. The decrease in reactive callouts has saved the utility manpower hours and reduced emissions from travel. In addition, the Flygt Concertor’s hydraulic efficiency compared to legacy pumps has contributed to a reduction in power consumption by up to 29%.

“Products like the Flygt Concertor pumping system can provide customers with significant benefits to their organization,” says Jason Robinson, Key Account Manager to Yorkshire Water at Xylem. “In this case, we’re extremely happy to have prevented pump blockages and the need for reactive visits. We’re excited for future collaboration with Yorkshire Water.”

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