Sensus MeiTwin Water Meter

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Commercial & Industrial Compound Water Meter with Wide Spread Flow Profiles

The MeiTwin is a compound meter for cold water up to 50 °C that measures high flow rates and very small flow rates for extremely widespread flow profiles.

Product Features
  • The main meter and the bypass meter are arranged one behind the other in the direction of flow
  • No need to differentiate between the “bypass meter on the right” and “bypass meter on the left”
  • No straight upstream or downstream pipe necessary due to integrated flow straightener (U0D0)
  • Removable metrological unit consisting of the main meter, the changeover valve and the bypass meter (“3-in-1” concept)
  • Main meter with hydrodynamic balanced rotor
  • Spring-loaded changeover valve with low headloss and extended lifetime
  • Bypass meter specified as a piston meter cartridge 612MTW-HRI with plug-in non-return valve, register copper/glass, protection class IP68
  • Minimum flow rate: 6 l/hour for piston type bypass meter
  • Available in body lengths specified as per DIN 19625 and ISO 4064
  • A multirange metrological unit allows an easy economical replacement after the validity period of the calibration has expired
  • Is ideal to use in fire service pipes

Benefits to you

  • Provides wide measuring range for capturing very low and high flow rates
  • Provides communication interfaces for remote reading


  • Available in sizes DN 50, DN 65, DN 80 and DN 100
  • Main and bypass meters fitted with pulse and data interface HRI-Mei and/or pulsers type OD (with bypass meter 612 MTW-HRI)
  • Main and bypass meters equipped with Encoder register ER56 for direct meter reading via data protocol (M-Bus, MiniBus, Sensus, IEC 1107)
  • Spool piece for extension of meter casing as per DIN 19625
  • Port for ¼” pressure sensor


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