Webinar: How Utilities Like Raleigh Water are Unlocking Water Utility Data for Greater System Visibility

Webinar: How Utilities Like Raleigh Water are Unlocking Water Utility Data for Greater System Visibility

Proactive utilities are using innovative technology solutions to unlock the value of utility data and solve their biggest challenges. Learn how communities like the Cities of Raleigh, North Carolina and Baltimore, Maryland, are using data analytics to drive faster and more efficient decision making to meet both regulatory and strategic goals. Benefits of this approach include greater network visibility, optimized CapEx spending and proactive asset management planning.

In the webinar you will learn how utilities are:

  • Unlocking value from siloed data sources
  • Using machine learning to forecast future water main breaks and data mining to select optimal replacement areas of aging pipes
  • Employing operational and management strategies with new data-driven approaches like the Water Equity Lens to achieve greater water equity within their communities


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Adam Haggerty, PE
Asset Manager
Raleigh Water

Adam Haggerty has over 15 years of asset management experience as a consultant and utility professional, including 4 years as Raleigh Water Asset Manager. He is known throughout the industry for his innovation coupled with practical implementation. Prior to joining the City of Raleigh, Mr. Haggerty held asset management and engineering positions for Orange Water And Sewer Authority and URS Corporation. Adam has a Civil Engineering degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  


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Thomas Chen, PhD
Senior Data Scientist

Thomas Chen is a Senior Data Scientist with the Asset Performance Optimization team at Xylem. The primary focus of his work is to use analytical tools to improve the risk assessments of critical infrastructure systems. This includes adapting existing methods as well as developing new ones. Ultimately, the goal is to provide a quantitative basis for more effective decision making regarding the management of critical assets.


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Jessica Moyer
Program Manager, Water Equity

Jess Moyer is Program Manager of Water Equity at Xylem where she is building a community of practice of water and wastewater utilities to develop measurement and management tools and processes for achieving water equity in our communities. Jess is an environmental engineer with ten years of experience at Xylem in water and wastewater product research and development, focusing on social impact innovation. Jess is a Board of Directors member with Cleveland Water Alliance, a water technology cluster driving economic development and innovation in Northeast Ohio and the Lake Erie Basin.


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Dr. Christine Boyle - Moderator
Vice President, Product Development and Research

Dr. Christine Boyle is the Vice President of Product Development and Research at Xylem. She works with entrepreneurs and innovators to bring the next generation of water technologies to market. She received a doctorate in water resource planning in 2011 and “spun” a water analytics company, Valor Water, out of her thesis work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is vice chair of the Cal-Nevada American Water Works Association and a trustee of the American Water Works Association Management and Leadership Division.