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    Links, tools, and resources to help make your drop count in addressing urgent water challenges around the world.

Getting Started

Looking for some ways to get involved with Watermark? Here are some ways you can get started!

Xylem Watermark Community Grants Program

Partner with Watermark to support a cause in your community

Partner with Watermark to support a cause in your community

Xylem Watermark offers up to $10,000 in critical funds for employees and external business partners to support and collaborate on water-related community development projects and events. ​

Through the Xylem Watermark Community Grants program, any Xylem employee, customer, supplier, or other partner within the Xylem business network is qualified to apply for a Watermark Community Grant on behalf of a nonprofit organization whom they are engaging with in local community development efforts.​

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Xylem Watermark Fundraising & Donations

Helping communities all over the world

Xylem Watermark strives to help communities all over the world. By supporting our global nonprofit partners and local charities through donations and fundraisers we advance our mission to provide education and equitable access to safe water and sanitation to support healthy lives and help build resilient communities.

Visit our Community Impact Portal and look for matching offers to receive a 1:1 match from Xylem for your donation.

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Support The Planet Water Foundation with Watermark

Bring Clean Water Access to Communities by Sponsoring the Installation of Water Technology

Over the past 10 years, Xylem Watermark and The Planet Water Foundation partnership has provided more than 1 million people with access to clean, safe drinking water.

Xylem employees and partners can directly support projects that bring clean water and solar electricity access to communities through our Project Sponsorship Program.

Check out our Partnership Guide to learn more.

Partnership Guide

Volunteer with Us

Xylem employees and partners make meaningful contributions to their communities through our signature events & turn-key volunteer opportunities.

Grab a trash bag and Plog!

At Xylem, plogging has become part of our culture. Grab gloves, a trash bag and sneakers,  and join us to keep our communities, and local waterways clean by picking up litter while jogging or walking.

Put the World's Vulnerable Communities on the Map with Missing Maps

Help provide updated vital information on vulnerable communities that frequently experience natural disasters. First responders and relief organizations rely on these maps to effectively deliver assistance. Volunteering on your own with your phone or computer or meet up with colleagues for a group Mapathon. Further information can be found here.

Build a Water Filter

Xylem partners with Wine to Water to ship assembled water filters to global regions facing challenges to water access. In the process, volunteers learn about the importance and procedures of water filtration while putting together filters to be sent out. Visit Wine to Water’s website for more information about organizing an event and volunteer resources.

Earth Echo Water Filtration Kits

If you are an employee or business partner of Xylem, apply for water filtration kits provided by our sponsor and nonprofit partner Earth Echo. These kits are great for educating students about the water filtration process and giving them a hands-on learning experience. Order a kit for your group here.

Protect Your Watershed Challenge

While the bingo challenge is hosted annually as a signature event, the activities can be done year-round. Embark on a variety of plogging adventures or take the time to research and become familiar with your own Watershed. This year’s bingo board can be found here.