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Current Transformers & Current Shunts

Overview Industries & Applications


Product Features

Flygt's Current Transformers are available in the Donut (DON) or Square Foot (SFT) Mount and the amperages listed below:

  • CT050DON - 50 to 5 Amp
  • CT050SFT - 50 to 5 Amp
  • CT100DON - 100 to 5 Amp
  • CT100SFT - 100 to 5 Amp
  • CT150DON - 150 to 5 Amp
  • CT150SFT - 150 to 5 Amp
  • CT200DON - 200 to 5 Amp
  • CT200SFT - 200 to 5 Amp

Current Transformers and Current Shunts work in conjunction with the MultiSmart intelligent Pump Station Manager and MonitorPro to provide high-level motor protection and monitoring.

Current Shunts    

Flygt's SR5 Current Shunt is specifically designed for overload protection and current monitoring:

        SR5 5A - 50MV

Note: One Adaptor is required for each 3-phase motor connected. Physical Dimensions: 74 mm H x 32 mm W x 113 mm D

Industries & Applications

Industries & Applications

Recommended Industries and Applications

Municipal Wastewater Pumping and Treatment
Municipal Water & Wastewater Municipal Wastewater Pumping and Treatment