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Cable handling in discharge column

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Product Features
  • Patented Flygt cable handling system supports the pump cables in the center of the discharge column
  • Power cables are protected from wear and movement with bundling and constant spring tension
  • Suitable for open and closed top discharge columns


The power and signal cables for pumps installed inside the discharge column must be restrained and protected to prevent wear and damage caused by water turbulence.

The patented Flygt cable handling system supports the cables in the center of the discharge column, where the water is less turbulent than near the perimeter. The pump cables are protected from wear and movement by being bundled together and put under a constant tension. Springs maintain the tension over time and when reinstalling the pump after service.


The system includes:

  • Support beam with spring loaded eye bolts
  • Cable support grips
  • Support wire and bundling kit with tape and PVC pipe to secure the power cables
  • Optional watertight cable entry for discharge columns with covered top

Designed for use with Flygt Dock-Lock™ lifting equipment.

Column (L)

Column (L)

​​Column pipe, semi permanent, submersible pump installation. Wet pit arrangement with the pump installed inside the discharge pipe, automatically seated on a flange.​

Documentation & Tools

Documentation & Tools

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