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Product Features

Self-priming diaphragm pump with 110-240v AC electric motors. Flow rates up to 17 litres/min (4.5 US gallons/min)

Model No.: 4100 AC Series

  • Self-primes up to 2.4m vertical lift
  • Handles Water-Like and Viscous Liquids up to 250 cP
  • Four-piston design delivers higher flow rates
  • Chemical-resistant polypropylene pump head for Iong life
  • Choice of elastomeric materials to work with many chemicals
  • Quick-connect plug-in ports for easy installation
  • Optional pressure-switch control to run the pump only as needed
  • Continuous duty
  • Built-in pressure switch automatically starts and stops pump when discharge valve opens and closes
  • Compact design and plug-in port fittings make installation easy
  • Can run dry without damage and handle liquids up to 130°F (54°C)
  • Excellent self-priming capability; pump may be located above the liquid level

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Model 4100-500
Model 4100-512
115 (VAC)
115 (VAC)
Flow Rate
3.5 US Gallons/Min (13.2 Litres/Min)
4.8 US Gallons/Min (17 Litres/Min)
Amp Draw
1.5 (amp)
1.5 (amp)
Santoprene Diaphragm/EPDM Valves
Santoprene Diaphragm/Viton Valves
Port Type
1/2" Hose
3/4" Hose
Max. Pressure
40psi (2.8bar)
40psi (2.8bar)
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